Sunday, November 22, 2009

14TH Annual “Without Translation” Theater Festival canceled due to Swine Flu Scare

By: Bojana Jankovic
Uzice, Nov.10, 2009 (Serbia Today) - As was the case in 1999 , after NATO bombing, the regional “Without Translation” festival will has been canceled due to unforeseen reasons, but this time it is concerns about the spread of the deadly N1H1 flu virus which convinced the events producers that the show must not go on.
This year the Uzice National Theater was to be host to the 14th Without Translation theater festival. The Council of the Yugoslav Theater Festival which had selected three theaters from Serbia, two from Croatia and one from each, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro theaters from the Republics of former Yugoslavia was forced to reschedule the event was rescheduled for April 2010 after the spread of the N1H1 flu virus to Uzice.
All preparations for the start of the festival were ready, but with the recent appearance of the first few cases of the N1H1 virus in Uzice, the event producers had to consider the potential risk to locals and visitors alike if the festival went ahead as scheduled from November 9th to the 16th.
“Those people that choose to have their money returned for their tickets will be able to do it with the standard return procedure. If they do not wish to return their tickets, their places will be secured them in the newly scheduled event,” said Zoran Stamatovic, director of The National theater Uzice and Without Translation festival.
Regardless of the epidemic and the removal of the festival from the calendar, the National theater in Uzice not stop the working. The classic piece “The little red riding hood” by Aleksandar Popovic, directed by Milan Neskovic, is scheduled for November 12th, on the small stage, and after that follows the preparation for the contemporary comedy “Unexpected consignment” by Luka Djakomocija, directed by Ljiljana Arsenov.

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