Thursday, November 26, 2009

Aleksandra Radovic on the concert in ‘Sava Center’

By: Valentina Raduovic
Belgrade, Nov,18, 2009 (Serbia Today) Famous Serbian pop singer and songwriter Aleksandra Radovic, will hold her second solo concert in ‘Sava Center’, on 19th November 19th and December 1st in Belgrade’s Sava Center. It is interesting to mention that she is the first female Serbian singer who is engaged for two separate performances at the Sava Center.
Radovic made her debut at Suncane Skale Festival in 2003 in Herceg Novi, Montenegro, with the song ‘Kao so u moru’ (Like salt in the sea) and she won the second price. Since that festival, she has been one of the most popular pop singers in Serbia and the region. In 2003, Radovic released her first solo album ‘Aleksandra Radovic’, with the singles ‘Jos danas’ (One More Day), ‘Nema te zene’(No woman like you) , ‘Ako ikada’ (If ever) and ‘Laz’(Lie). She has also won many prestigious awards for her vocal performances such as: ‘Vocal of the year’ in 2003 on Perper Radio, ‘Best Female Performance’ on Radio Festival in 2004 and 2006, ‘Best Female Performance on Suncane Skale Festival in 2004 and 2006, Female Singer of the Year on Frankfurter Festival in 2004, Female singer of the Year at Beovision Festival 2007. All those awards confirm her as one of the most popular and widely recognized singers in Serbia and in region.With academic and music education, she has created her career step by step, refusing to make compromises in her style and image. Radovic’s extremely expressive voice, sings pop music, with elements of fado, tango and R’n’B. She is most comfortable while singing ballads, but she equally loves faster rhythms.
So far Radovic has released three albums: ‘Aleksandra Radovic’ (2003), ‘Dommino’ (2006) and ‘Zar ptica’ (2009); and one live album in 2005. She has recorded many singles, as well.
With her new album ‘Zar ptica’ (named after a magic bird in Slavic mythology), which is, as she said in many interviews, devoted to brave and strong women - she gives the fusion of the classic pop sound and the popular, mainstream sound we hear in the songs of Rihanna and Beyonce. She also uses a lot of electric sounds, which is the new element in her music.
With the concerts in Sava Center, after a two year break, she decided to tour Serbia and Macedonia. The special guests on the concerts will be the participants of her ‘School of Pop Music’, which she opened last year. This school is her idea of promoting a real pop music, by working with talented young people. Radovic performance promises to be an engaging performance with the best sounds in Serbian music.

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