Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The New Bridge In Cacak

By: Bojana Jankovic
Cacak, Nov.16, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Cacak, a city in Serbia, located 140 km South of Belgrade, on 1st December will be able to boast with one more the new bridge over the Western Morava (a river). This new crossing will be located between the center of the city and Cacak’s village Ljubic.
For now, there will be one lane from the upstream side of the old railway bridge. In the spring, the number of lanes should be the on both sides.
The new bridge will measure 70 meters in length, while it will measure 10.8 meters wide.
The investment required to complete the bridge is 171.8 million dinars, and most of the funds secured by the Ministry for Infrastructure, while local government funded work on the relocation of utility installations.
The original completion deadline of 8 months to complete the bridge has long since passed, despite the best efforts of the company contracted to complete the bridge, Putevi
This new crossing over the river Morava should relieve the passenger bridge in the city, which was built after the Second World War.
The opening of the bridge in Cacak is a concrete sign of progress in the region for its citizens and all who pass through the area.

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