Sunday, November 29, 2009

BITEF Dance Company Breaking New Ground

By: Li Novak
Belgrade, Nov.18, 2009 (Serbia Today) - In recognition of the need expressed by many in the theater over the past few years to modernize the domestic theatrical scene, members of the Bitef Theater company will embrace modern production standards seen in large European theaters in the West.
The play writers, directors, actors and the audience have grown weary of the classic theatrical model which is almost exclusively based on dialogue.
Modern theater incorporates many other components of performance beside dialogue; dance, show, visual and audio effects, and computerized backgrounds. The Serbian audience will have the opportunity to see these kinds of modern plays only on international annual Bitef Festival.
Starting in the 2009/2010 season, Bitef Theater will changes its traditional approach to production, by founding the Bitef Dance Company.
This new theatrical troop will initially focus on the introduction modern dance into its productions. There is a general need for better organization of contemporary theatrical dance in Belgrade. The capital already has the National Opera and the Ballet of the National Theater and a theater in Terasije specialy designed for musicals. But the modern dance is neglected and it’s not connected with any established theatrical institution.
The Bitef Dance Company will be an elite dance troop, with a mission to promote modern dance throughout the Serbia and beyond the borders – into the European dance scene. The dancers will have classical and modern dance trainings. The troop will cooperate with the most eminent domestic and foreign choreographs and directors.
By founding this new modern theater ensemble, the Bitef Theater takes a large step towards realizing its initial goal of promoting and developing new theatrical styles and expressions. The repertoire of this theater, which is settled in a lovely old building in one of Belgrade odest districts, Dorcol, in next season will persue two objectives - pure dance expression and production of unique, modern plays, not in a strictly defined by genre.
This is a great opportunity for many young artists with the desire to create innovative, original plays, which stretch the limits and conventions of traditional theater.
Off course, those are the great news for the Serbian audience, which now has the opportunity to watch from domestic authors the type of plays they watched on international Bitef Festival.
The premiere of the first play by Bitef Dance Company, “Paranoia Chic”, was held on November 13th. The author’s of the play and choreographer is Isidora Stanisic, the composer is Anja Djordjevic, costumes and scene were made by Ivana Vasic and Sasa Ivanovic and the performers were Dejana Budiska, Nevena Jovanovic, Olga Olcan and Milica Pisic.
This play explores the false states of human mind which are provoked by “shock therapy”. “Shock therapy” is modern expression very often used in last few years in Serbia to ironically describe the impact of by using wars, embargo, and other disasters on the common man, thus creating a state of paranoia.
The play “Paranoia Chic” the audience may watch on November 19th and 26th on Bitef Theater’s scene.

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