Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eros Ramazzoti Performed in Belgrade

By: Milen Vesovic
Belgrade, Nov.6, 2009 (Serbia Today) – Famous pop singer Eros Ramazzoti performed last weekend in Belgrade, at the Belgrade Arena in front of 15 thousand people. The famous Italian sang the 23 songs from his selected from his new material from the albums that have made him celebrated throughout the world.
The 46-year-old Eros performed, accompanied by seven musicians and three backup vocalists, stepped onto the stage after the performance by the opening band, an Angolan group, Yuri Da Cunha.
At the start of his show the stage was bare and the sound of wailing sirens filled the air. The shadows created by the stage lighting created a macabre scene which was complemented by the equally lyrics of the song "Notas Y Apuntes. The lighting fell onto the coffin which had been carefully placed on stage without notice. The top of the coffin swung open to reveal Ramazzotti sitting inside.
His show quickly picked up energy with the hits ‘Un attimo di pace’, ’Quanto amore sei’, ‘Una terra mix’, ‘Una canzone’, ‘Un emozione per simper’. Ramazzotti played, ran across the stage, joked with the audience, played the guitar, and in short used his entire repertoire to engage the audience. There was no way to disguise the absence of the authentic renditions of his famous duets ‘I belong to you’ and ‘Cosa della vita’,
This is the second appearance of Ramazzotti in Serbia since the 2006 performed in Novi Sad at the stadium of Football Club Vojvodina.

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