Saturday, October 3, 2009

Silvana Vukas:   “My dream – The Olympic Games in London”  

By: Katarina Jonev
Belgrade, Sept. 07 2009 ( Serbia Today) - Weightlifting is in many ways, a type of extreme sport. The first thought regarding this sport is not only that it is difficult and demanding, but also a sport for men. Nevertheless, in Serbia and in Europe, the women are taking part in the training and winning medals.
Silvana Vukas is one of the most talented and most awarded young weightlifters of Partizan and Serbia. “I have been active in athletics for seven years. As part of the training I often visited a gym. One of the coaches from the weightlifting club Partizan saw me and offered me to try in this sport. I wanted to try something new, I accepted the offer and soon realized that I have the potential for this sport”, Mrs Vukas told Serbia Today.
She took the first steps in this sport at 18 years of age. In six years, Silvana won more than 15 titles of State Champions and over 50 medals at various Championships, defending both the colors of Partizan, Serbia and the State Representation. In the last year she broke even 56 state records in various competitions at home and abroad in the categories of 63kg and 69 kg. “ I won silver twice in international competitions in Copenhagen, on the Balkan games I've won 3 gold and two silver medals in Sarajevo in November. I set national record and became the first woman who has raised more than 80 kg in Serbia . In 2004. I was eighth at the European Junior Championship and in the 2007 I was 13th as a senior. Last year I was at European Championship in Italy”, Mrs Vukas contines.
In November I was at the World University Championship held in Greece where I won the silver medal . In Belgrade on “Memorial International Tournament-Vladan Mihajlovic” I set the state record in the remove - and became the first women in the country that has launched more than 100 kg”.
Depending on the period, whether preparatory or competitive, Silvana has 6 or 12 training sessions per week. Gratitude for the support and understanding of women's weightlifting, this talented athlete owes to the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the media and her coach. Like any athlete, her dream is the Olympic Games.
“The Olympics 2012th London are my goal. I think I have chances to enter the final European rope and the world. Currently I am ongoing preparations for the European Championships in Slovakia. I hope to be able to be placed among the top ten and I'll re-fix the national record”, Silvana Vukas says.

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