Saturday, October 3, 2009

Finished Restoration of the Church in Jablanica

By Bojana Jankovic
Jablanica, Sept.02,2009, (Serbia Today) - In mid July this year, works began on the reconstruction of the wooden roof of the church in the Zlatibor’s village, Jablanica. Completion of works on the restoration of the authentic roof of the church and the adjacent rooms, was marked on Sunday, August 30th , with a festive lunch at 3 PM.
The Project Renewal of roofs of wooden churches in Kuchani and Jablanica, was performed by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments from Belgrade .The main Architect on the project was Ms. Tomasevic Bosiljka, and the project was funded by the Swedish organization Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHF), while Municipalities Cajetina and Touristic organization Zlatibor organized the technical support to the project.
In the municipality Cajetina they said that the church in Jablanica is a new tourist attraction, of cultural and religious character.
The church was built in 1838 in Jablanica, was made of wood in a rectangular base, with a semicircular altar’s apse. In addition to port and church, adjacent rooms are successively built and were used as a meeting place for residents of the village of Jablanica during major holidays.
The church is dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary, and is protected by law since 1949 , as a cultural heritage of great importance for the Republic of Serbia.
At the initiative of employers of the open-air museum “Old Village Sirogojno”, in 1998 they reconstructed a video of a popular custom of people gathering in front of the church.

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