Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hiking Trails

By: Bojana Jankovic

Uzice, Sept.14,2009 (Serbia Today) – A 200 km long hiking trail has been built in the Zlatibor’s region from Mokra Gora to Kadinjaca, from Jelova Gora to the canyon of river Derventa, from Zlatibor to Zlakusa, to accommodate tourists who like to have long walks.
This hiking trail will attract tourists, but also help the economic development of the surrounding villages. The Walking trails that will soon take hikers through the untouched parts of nature, were traced by the Tourist organization Uzice and Mountaineering Club “Rujno” . They say that the idea is to improve the tourist offer and demonstrate the secret and unspoiled beauty of nature. This project is sustained by the Republic of Serbia’s funding in 1.6 million for public works and logistics project is sustained by Mountaineering Club “Rujno” activists.
Radomir Smiljanic, Director of the Tourist organization of Uzice told for “Serbia Today”, “We'll get a 200 km hiking route that will improve the tourist offer of Uzice. In addition to our aim to present this Trail as something one should undertake because of its beauty, we also wish to encourage the development of rural tourism and related activities. Each of the branches of the Trail is seriously planned, so that travelers can have lunch in one village, buy ‘kajmak” and brandy in the other, have fun in the third watching the natural heritage, and in the fourth they could sleep.”
“We are making a real network of interconnected walkways, so that tourists can easily reach on foot from Mokra Gora to Zlakusa, therefore, from one end to the other of territory of the town of Uzice. One can see many beautiful things on that Trail, pleasant for the eye as well as for the soul. From the observation point Jelova Gora, various world of flora and fauna can be seen, oaks 500 years old, a variety of sources of drinking water, the Roman bridge and the waterfall on the river Derventa. This trail opens an opportunity for the development of equestrian sports, paragliding, Nordic sports ...” said Ivan Obucina, Secretary of Mountaineers club “Rujno”.

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