Saturday, October 3, 2009

Only Dorchol - Creative Route

By Jelena Jovanovic
Belgrade, Sept. 07 2009 (Serbia Today) - The idea of making Only Dorćol was born in 2008 , in fashion boutique Kokliko, when designers from fashion stores situated in the old town district of Dorćol- Kokliko, BGD Workshop, Da Lena, Identity, Dressing and Tamara Radivojević FS –gathered and decided to make a small Association.
Their first joint action was Dorćol Shopping Night, when Designers’ items were sold with discounts. At this occasion customers had an opportunity to see how many of them were located in Dorćol District and what they had to offer. The action also pointed to the sensibility of each of the Designers and showed what they had in common.
Conclusions were- Dorćol Designers create modern, urban fashion dedicated to young women (and, occasionally, men) who wanted to look modern and unique. And, Dorćol is small but significant fashion quarter and its fashion stores owned by young Designers offer fresh and authentic fashion. Dresses, trousers, jackets, bags, shoes... are carefully made in small , limited series, and done with quality materials.
Only Dorćol is the Association and the Action at the same time - several young Designers who formed it, have certain experience in the world of fashion and their main idea was self promotion but also the promotion of Serbian fashion and its potentials.
Two Dorćol Shopping Nights were organized last year and number of people who started to pay attention to Dorćol fashion increased. Slowly, designers started to prove that Belgrade fashion could be equal (or tend to be- in quality and ideas) with more known foreign brands that can be found in many stores in city center.
Only Dorćol also organized Belgrade Fashion Marathon and, at the end of the year they joined the humanitarian action „Fashion For The Cure- Serbia “. The purpose of this action , organized by Katarina Rebrača’s Charity Organization, is fight against breast cancer. Five Dorćol designers designed 5 different T shirts and all proceeds from the sale went to the fond for buying mammography machines. Designers from Only Dorćol have also established cooperation with Belgrade Fashion Week and presented their collections in its spring issue, this year. They also presented their web site where people can be introduced with the part of contemporary Serbian fashion scene, and also with its new talents, get latest news and see latest collections. ( . This August (21st), in the last promotional action, designers elongated working hours of their stores and offered discounts from 10%- 50%.
Only Dorćol is not just a commercial action. It presents new Belgrade spirit and young Designers who formed it , wanted to present their work and remind people of their creativity and fashion which is modern and urban, glamorous and casual, practical and chic at the same time. Finally, Designers wanted to offer people a chance to compare and, thus, to discover where fashion from the old Belgrade quarter was on the global fashion scene. (and where is its future position).
And they are-
Kokliko- Pop Lukina 1- clothes, accessories
Da Lena- Tadeuša Koščučka 18 - Bags
BGD Workshop- Gospodar Jovanova 8 – small series- clothes and accessories
Tamara Radivojević- Strahinjića bana 59 – clothes
Dressing- Dobračina 37- clothes
Booteek- Gospodar Jovanova 69 – man clothes and accessories
Identity – Kneginje Ljubice 8 – clothes by Jelena and Svetlana Proković, shoes by Danijela Biškup (Lily)

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