Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Kafici" in Belgrade

By: Una Zabunov

Belgrade, Aug.11, 2009 (Serbia Today) - At any time of day or night, some of the Belgrade coffee shops and espresso bars are open . It is fascinating that coffee bars are full even when people are supposed to be at their work places. This is because it is a tradition in Serbia that contracts and business or private deals are best resolved in the café bar. Each bar in the Serbian capital has unique ambience and its own story. For example, if you want peacefully to drink coffee in the city center, one of the interesting cafes is “The Library”. While you can have a book to read, you can drink your favorite coffee. “The Library” is open from 7.30 am-midnight, as are many cafes in Belgrade.
If you want to know how the room of the famous painter Dali was designed, you have to walk to Hilandarska street. In this street is situated a bar "Salvador Dali". DJ Bojan Gajic a.k.a. Ladno Lule, DJ Mekon and DJ Dushan Jankovic play the music. On Friday evenings, national fruit brandies are served here.
If you want to try the taste of fruit brandy and listen to the sounds of tambourines, Skadarlija is the right place for you. Skadarska street was a gathering place for actors and artists who lived here at the end of 19th century and walked by the old cobble street. Because of their lifestyle, Skadarlija was also called a Bohemian quarter. After the end of performances from the nearby National Theater, the actors would have come here, and with food and drinks they sat until late into the night. This steep, winding street in the middle of Belgrade reflects the spirit of our people, who like to relax with music, quality strong food and drink.
For nostalgic people „Korčagin“ is the right coffee shop. Everything in this place is reminiscent of the time of socialist regime, old Yugoslavia and Tito. Guests of this coffee shop bring memories from that period, but guests who drink sometimes too much, take home what they like as souvenirs.
Pub in which men can not enter without at least one woman and which only girls are allowed to do everything, such as to climb on the table or to break glass, is called “Ona, a ne neka druga “("She, and not another one."). This pub is located in Zemun.
The rafts on the Sava and Danube river offer live music, cocktails and fun until the morning hours. A large number of clubs in the city work the entire night. It does not matter what is the day of the week. Entertainment must go on.

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