Saturday, October 3, 2009

DIS PATCH 2009 – the festival of innovative music and related art

By Valentina Radulovic
Belgrade, Sept. 14, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Dis Patch festival was founded in 2002 as continuation of the activities of the Belgrade-yard Sound System Collective, an independent organization founded for the promotion of new music tendencies, related art practices and the advancement of the local music and art scene through creating links between Serbian artists and audiences and established artists from around the world.
Emphases is put on music, education, art and design projects (workshops, seminars, installations, lectures, panels, screenings…) walking the thin line between sound and image.
The eighth edition of Dis Patch 2009 will be organized by the team of enthusiasts from October 23rd until November 8th. The organizers of the festival are working hard to bring the audience closer to their own OFF ROAD EPIPHANIES in Belgrade.
There will be numerous special programs, which are going to be held on eight different locations around Belgrade, including Kolarac, Balkan cinema, KC Rex, KC Grad, CZKD (Center for Cultural Decontamination) and Progres Gallery.
Apart from 25 authors and performers from Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Swiss, Norway, Argentina, USA, Ireland and Serbia, the organizers expect the great number of audience from the region and the whole Europe, thanks to the important media partnership with the radio station and Resident Advisor, as well as the magazine ‘The Wire’.
The crucial part of the festival is the exclusive and special performance of some guests of Dis Patch. Artist in Focus program will be the special show of the well-known producer from Finland, Vladislav Delay (also known as Luomo), who will perform even five concerts of his projects, in cooperation with other musicians. He will present the premiere of his first sound installation ‘The Only Copy’ to the Serbian audience, which deals with the subjects of perception and consummation of music in the context of today’s availability. Above that, before the final concert of Vladislav Delay Quartet on Kolarac, this group of musicians will be recording their first album in the studios of Radio Belgrade.
On the Residential Program the audience will be able to see the show of video-artist Lillevan Pobjoy from Ireland in cooperation with his Belgrade colleague Incredible Bob, in Progres Gallery. It will be the presentation of brand new project, dedicated to Victor Vasarely, the founder of kinetic and optical art.
During the festival the audience will have a chance to enjoy in Lillevan (IE) as Artist in Residence, Panfonic (FI), Kode 9 & the Space Ape (UK), Byetone (DE), Secondo (CH), Kim Hiorthoy (NO), AM/PM (CH), Kinovida (FI/IE), Incredible Bob (RS), AGF/DLAY (DE/FI), K.O.F.Y. (NG), Felony Flats (RS), SLOXXX (RS), Uusitalo (FI), Mika Vainio (FI), Pictoplasma (DE) and many more artists.
Apart from the electro-music and different kinds of workshops for adults, Dis Patch will also present a special program for the youngest – Kids Patch. This approach is maybe unusual for the festivals of electro and experimental music, but the youngest audience of Dis Patch will see the premiere of the special kind of program with the support of moderators and creators of workshops from Berlin and Belgrade. They will show the children how to make their own, unique instruments, how to use their game-pods for music, and after the workshop they will have the collective presentation. Of course, the workshop will be free of charge and open for the kids between the age of 5 and 12.
This 8th edition of Dis Patch is in the selection of the top ten world festivals for the month October, according to Resident Advisor, magazine specialized for electro music and clubbing culture. The festival is on a high third place, after Unsound from Krakow and Amsterdam Dance Event.

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