Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Autistic Children in Serbia

By Una Zabunov
Belgrade, Sept. 28, 2009 (Serbia Today) - Serbian public rarely speaks about serious disorders such as autism. Autism is a problem with the way how the brain grows and develops. Citizens probably do not know that about 600 autistic children live in Belgrade and most of them do not have adequate accommodations.
There are only two housing centers designed for children with severe retardation with the elements of autism and children with pure form of autism. Their total capacity is very small. These institutions can accommodate only about 70 children. Since their capacities are full, there are waiting lists for the provision of accommodation.
On the waiting list are currently ten people. However, the real needs for housing are greater. Parents are aware that it’s almost impossible to get the accommodation, and they do not apply for the waiting list. They are forced to find alternative solutions for their children.
The story about autistic girl is filmed five years ago by our famous director Goran Paskaljević in the film "Midwinter Night's Dream". One of the main actresses of this film is autistic in real life. This film opened the door of autism and Goran shows in his film features of autism. Characteristic of children with autism is that they are not very good socially. They have adjustable mood and sometimes they do not like to look at others while talking to them, or do not want to share their thoughts with others. They have a problem with communicating. Sometimes they may not talk, or want to talk with others and they repeat themselves.
World estimates show that out of 10,000 newborn babies 60 of them are born with autism. Belgrade must have at least two new dormitories for children with autism. Although these children retreat from society, society should not run away from them.

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