Saturday, October 3, 2009

International Festival of Street Musicians in Novi Sad

By: Valentina Radulovic
Novi Sad, Sept 07 2009 ( Serbia Today) - International Festival of Street Musicians in Novi Sad is a non-competitive manifestation which gathers the best street art performers from around the world. From the very beginning, Festival had international character. It is a traditional annual event, held early in September, and the only manifestation of this kind in Serbia. This year it will be held from 8th to 12th September.
Center for Culture animation, Novi Sad is the founder of this festival. Every year the media describes the opening of the Festival as the “return of carnival atmosphere on the city streets”. The most important and diverse artists from all over the world participate in the festival. Of course, an important role in the festival is given to local musicians as well, famous local groups, but also bands that are just launching their careers.
During the five days of the festival, people have the opportunity to see various cultures, to enjoy different music genres, to see unusual instruments and to attend a series of street shows, dances and acrobatic performances. Over the years, the festival has been gradually attracting the attention of local, but also of the international, broader audience. It is well covered by media and thanks to foreign guests; it is famous even beyond the borders of our country. That is why in 2007, the Tourist organization of Serbia awarded the Festival with the Tourist Flower award, in the ‘Cultural tourist manifestation contributing to tourism’ category.
This year’s festival will be held for the ninth time. On the various sites it will host more than 300 performers from Serbia, Italy, England, Senegal, Vietnam, Argentina, Chile, and Japan. The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy in Pappazzum orchestra from Italy, acrobats from Chile, virtuosos on drums from Senegal, marionettes from Japan, comic clowns from England, authentic tango groups from Argentina and many others.
They will also see local performers such as ‘Amaro Del’ from Belgrade, ‘Lost Pepelleros’ from Novi Sad, ‘Gyass band’ from Subotica, Milan Mumin and ‘Undercover Maniacs’ from Novi Sad. There will be special program for the young, and they will enjoy in Creative Studio ‘Carolija’ and children choir ‘Zvoncici’. This year we can also see the story-tellers from Senegal, Vietnam and Serbia.
The Festival is determined to keep the spirit of former festivals; however, a few novelties will be introduced. The participants will appear on frontal walls, in tracks, and will be lifted by cranes. Also, the audience will be able to enjoy large-scale, open-space spectacles. There will be magicians, painters, puppeteers, theatre and film actors, clowns, jugglers and dancers, folklore groups, choirs, ballet dancers that participates each year. There were about 20.000 visitors last year, but the organizers of the event expect even more this year.
Novi Sad will be transformed into a genuine stage of picturesque entertainment those days. Streets and squares will become stages with Parisian Charm and carnival atmosphere.
The Festival of Street Musicians is sponsored by the City of Novi Sad.

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