Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bakeries in Belgrade

By: Una Zabunov
Belgrade, Sept. 07 2009 ( Serbia Today) – In the retail business in Belgrade the most attractive locations are often taken by the luxury bakeries and pastry shops which are “popping up like mushrooms”. They are usually open 24/7 and offer fresh and delicious breads, baked goods and pastries. Modern life is characterized with long working days and irregular food intake. For very busy people, eating at home or eating homemade dishes is impossible during the working week. So, they turn to the convenient, and delicious bakery products.
Working hours from 9 to 5 are forcing people to eat fast food and because of that bakery owners have a lucrative business. Eating at night is not characteristic only of working people it’s also characteristic of students.
They study until late at night when they prepare their exams, so when they are hungry the fastest solution is bakery because a large number of them work all night. Today, when it's expensive to eat a cooked meal in a restaurant, breakfast is still the cheapest in the bakeries.
There is no other place in which man can get his meal for only twenty dinars. Another major issue is that the Serbian pastries are very diverse and tasty so it is hard to resist the burek, or hot chocolate croissants or a variety of pies, Danishes, rolls etc..
In Serbia, the number of obese children is growing, because smart entrepreneurs have opened their bakeries near schools. The consequence of eating too many pastries too often, is obesity. Obese people usually are not in top form and they are often passive.
Excessive obesity encourages laziness. According to the Institute for Public Health "Dr Milan Batut", each year at least 1.9 million people worldwide die from the consequences of physical inactivity. Unhealthy and irregular eating is a serious matter. Although we have a rich tradition of preparing domestic food specialties, a fast life style is putting us in danger of becoming a fat nation.

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