Saturday, August 15, 2009

Worlds Danube Day

By Ljiljana Samardzic

Backi Monostor, June 29, (Serbia Today) - For the seventh time, Backi Monostor was host of an ecological-cultural event - The Danube day.
It was envisioned as a celebration of a cleaner river and better preserved nature, with multimedia programs of educational, cultural and ecological character, including festivals held on the river banks that would help us express our gratitude to the Danube, river that brings us all together.
On June 28th the Festival grounds were open from noon till the end of the day. Heavy rain and bad weather spoiled part of announced schedule, so part of the program was omitted. There were some delays with documentary film projection as well. Although the first day did not go very well, the following one was much better attended and more successful. On June 29th, the villagers celebrated St. Peters Day and because of it, a big village fair was organized, which coincided with the Danube Day celebration.
The best part of the Festival events were musical performances by bands - Jahkozza, Irie Revolution, Zion Crew, Straight Jackin, and Russian Doctors. Zion Crew is remembered by its participation in last year’s Exit festival.
In spite of the problems with organization of the event, and bad weather, the general atmosphere was great and all visitors enjoyed immensely. The Festival was a real success and a fitting tribute to the river that gives life and inspires

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