Saturday, August 15, 2009

36th Trumpeters Fest

By:Bojana Jankovic

Uzice, July 22, (Serbia Today)-This year 36th Trumpeters’ Fest, took place on Tic Polje, on Zlatibor from July 18-July 19. This location has been chosen three years ago, since it can accommodate large events. More then 20.000 people were at this year’s festival.
The Municipality of Cajetina, and the Tourist Organization Zlatibor, sponsored this event, while the Cultural-Sport Center Cajetine, organized it. It’s Director Strajin Nedovic told Serbia Today, “I am glad we continue this beautiful spirit of tradition of organizing the 36th Fest of Trumpeters, as a pre-competition to the famous Gucha Festival, that’s coming in August.”
During the two days of Festival (Saturday and Sunday, July 18th and 19th) the trumpeters and national folk creative performers participated from all parts of Serbia. KUD GIK Banat-Pionir, singing groups from Rozanstvo, Uzice, Cacak, pipers and toasters, and participants from Slovenija (former Yugoslav republic) with the orchestra ’’Godba Zgornje Savinjske doline’’, and many others.
The program host was Marija Jeremic from Zlatibor. When the Senior Trumpeters finished their competition, and while waiting for the Judges’ decision, the younger generation of trumpeters took over the stage. The group “Daniela” from Arilje, “Lim Pearls” from Priboj showed the enthusiasm of a continued tradition.
The orchestra of Dejan Lazarevic from Pozega, won the “Best Orchestra award”, and the Best Trumpeter is Dejan Petrovic from Uzice. The jury of Journalists and viewers declared Veljko Ostojic from Zlakusa as the best Trumpeter.
The Director of Cultural-Sports Center Cajetine, Strajin Nedovic told reporter of Serbia Today, “I am so glad to continue this tradition of pre-competition for Gucha. I ‘d like to thank all those who contributed to this event, all the participants (trumpeters, singing groups, pipers, toasters, and a complete team of Grand Star and Grand production). And of course, I want to thank all 20.000 guests and visitors.”

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