Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day Care Facilities for people with disabilities

By:Bojana Jankovic

Cajetina, July 28, (Serbia Today) - In April 2009 the Development Fund for Social Innovation of Serbia, in cooperation with the UN Development Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Politics(MLSP), with a financial support of EU, sent a public proclamation to interested parties to submit a proposal with a goal to establish day care facilities for people with disabilities.
In the municipality of Cajetina, exists for a long time now, a need for day care facilities for children with special needs. The Center for Social works approved the work of administration of municipality to present the project proposition to the Fund for Social Innovation.
The project with a goal to support children with special needs of the Cajetina municipality, has been approved and signed on July 15.
A building of the facilities is planned to be finished by January 2010. Over 2.600.000dinars (27.999.108 Euros) will be provided.The goal of this project is to support children with special needs, help them overcome their problems and recognize their skills and understandings. In addition, their parents often need to be provided by an appropriate education in order to understand what are their rights.Day care service will contribute to the improvement of the parents’ quality of life as well, and enable them to get support in term of self-esteem and reduction of feeling of being alone , so they can exchange the problems and experiences with the people who understand them or have the same problems.
Until the new public institution is built, the elementary schools “Dimitrije Tucovic” and “Sava Jovanovic” of the Municipality of Cajetina, gave their buildings for temporary usage. At all times 5 people will be present (coordinator, Therapist, nurse, administrative worker and driver) and part time Doctors: Pediatrician, Psychotherapist, Social worker and Psychologist.

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