Monday, August 10, 2009

A Dream Come True for Jewelry Designer

By:Una Zabunov

Belgrade, July 20, (SerbiaToday) - Marija Janković, the Author of a collection called "Rehab“, revealed her talent for making jewelry quite accidentally. When she wanted to buy an authentic urban piece of jewelry for herself and couldn’t find anything interesting in the stores, she decided to make it herself.
This young artist from Kraljevo showed some of her finished pieces to her friends and they were fascinated . Marija's friends were her first customers. The story about her talent spread quickly, and many girls from Belgrade were interested to have a piece of her jewelry.
A large number of these girls were informed about the jewelry through the Internet which confirms the fact that Maria has 2.171 Facebook friends. At this year’s Fashion Show manifestation in Belgrade, fashion models of designer Hristina Petrović were wearing the jewelry and hats created by Marija Janković.
Marija Jankovic said for Serbia Today that she finds inspiration for her work everywhere, in a good book, magazine, on her terrace. The girls who wear her jewelry, has her own style, wears everything she likes and does not focus on comments of people. “My jewelry is designed for the urban princess with a delicacy of taste. She has to be different from the others”, Marija Jankovic said.
Many of Marija’s jewelry can be already seen worn by pop singers, and fashion magazine editors.
A large number of people in Serbia is connected to the network and they use Facebook and MySpace. In that way, people are informed about this new promising Artist and her innovative work.

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