Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Results of the Research on Serbian Media

By: Jelena Jovanovic

Belgrade, July 30, (Serbia Today)- B 92, Radio S, and Radio Belgrade 1, are the most popular radio stations in Serbia.
The media research about radio stations in Serbia and local TV stations presented this week in Belgrade, is a part of the program of a media support in Serbia, organized by USAID - United States Agency for International Development, and Media Support program and its partner in Serbia- IREX. IREX is international nonprofit organization providing leadership and innovative programs to improve the quality of education, strengthen independent media, and foster pluralistic civil society development. The research was done by Strategic Marketing Research Agency from Belgrade.
At the press conference in Belgrade, Media Center Richard McClear from IREX reminded that IREX had supported independent media in Serbia since 1997, and that Media researches in Serbia have been organized since 1999. The main goals were researching media trends in Serbia, and developing the market of independent media.
Srdjan Bogosavljevic from Strategic Marketing Research Agency presented the results of the latest media research, done in May this year.
Results show that favorite radio stations in Serbia are Radio S, B 92 and Radio Belgrade I. After them, on the list are Roadstar radio and Radio Index. In numbers- B 92 has 18% of listeners, Radio S also 18% and Radio Belgrade I -11%. Roadstar Radio and Radio Index follow, both with 6%.
Srdjan Bogosavljevic explained that the category favorite does not have the meaning- most listened. It is about the power of the brand and loyalty to certain radio program.
B 92 and Radio Belgrade I have the best sport and info programs, while Radio S has the best entertainment and music programs. ( Bogosavljevic noticed that Radio S had the biggest progress in the last several years, only because of the music). The result of share of the most listened radio stations in the whole auditorium (number of people multiply with time spent by listening to the radio) is the estimate which shows that the most listened radio stations in Serbia are Radio S, Radio B 92, and Radio Belgrade I.
In details- the result of share in regions shows that the most listened radio stations in Belgrade are Radio B 92, Radio S and Radio Belgrade I, in Vojvodina – Radio S, Radio B 92 and Roadstar Radio and in Central Serbia- Radio S, Radio B 92 and Radio Belgrade.
The first radio station on the reach list ( number of people who listen to only one radio station during one week and average daily listening) is Radio B 92, followed by Radio S, Radio Belgrade I and Roadstar Radio.
This media research was done in one week (from May 18th to May 24th) and included 6 134 participants from Serbia (without Kosovo) who were making evidence about their daily listening to the radio. Participants were people of various education levels, ages, genders, and from different parts of Serbia. According to the research, every household in Serbia has 1.5 radio set , and 64% of the population has a radio in the car (64% households own a car). 63% employees have the opportunity to listen to the radio in the office. Only 11% people listen to the radio on the Internet. This number is a significant potential for radio stations- experts from Strategic Marketing Agency concluded.
Statistics also show that radio stations are mostly listened in the morning – the peak is between 9 and 10 am. In significantly smaller percentage radio is listened in the afternoon and in the evening - TV is a dominated media in the prime time. People usually listen only one radio station at home and have habit to choose one among several radio stations memorized on their radio set in the car. Music is the most often choice of listeners (86%), the news (30%) and sports programs (12%). Smaller percentage goes to the political broadcasts (7%), programs about health (7%), live talk shows (7%), economy, science and art programs (3% each).
The research showed that the most frequent choice of people in Central Serbia was folk music, while in Belgrade and Vojvodina people preferred pop music.
Srdjan Bogosovaljevic who presented results of the research told that all collected facts showed global media picture in Serbia. People still trust certain radio stations and in the biggest percentage choose music and light programs.
Presentation in Belgrade Media center also revealed some facts about local TV stations ( in various parts of Serbia) but concrete data about the most viewed and the most popular TV stations were not announced.
Every household in Serbia has one or two TV sets and research showed that local TV stations are not more viewed and popular than other cable, foreign TV stations. (The reason of their popularity is the program scheme with many films and TV series).
Since 2004 there has been noticed an obvious decreasing trend of local TV stations.
The main conclusion was that national TV stations have the opportunity to develop, grow, to change and adjust their programs. They have more financial means and possibilities to make daily researches of the program, and audience- their needs and habits. Local TV stations in Serbia, nearly 180 of them, do not have such possibilities, chances and financial means.

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