Monday, August 10, 2009

FC BUDUCNOST - Winner of the Palisad Trophy

FC Buducnost Winner of the “Palisad Trophy”
By Bojana Jankovic
Uzice, July 02 (SerbiaToday) - FC Buducnost is the winner of the First International Football Tournament “Palisad Trophy 2009”.
The Palisad Trophy has been born out of desire of young people of Zlatibor Region to have a regular annual football tournament that will perpetuate and propagate the tradition of the football success in the region.
It has been organized by the Palisad Hotel and with the support of Chajetina Tourist Organization. The tournament lasted from June 25- 28 and the games were played at the playing-field of the hotels Shvajcarija and Palisad next to the lake, and when the weather was bad, at the closed playing-field in the village Kremna.
All teams were divided in two groups: group Palisad and group Zlatibor. In the first group were the following teams: FK Buducnost from Podgorica (Montenegro), FK Jagodina from Jagodina (Serbia) and FK Modrica Maxima from Modrica (Bosnia and Herzegovina). In the second group were: FK Sutjeska from Niksic (Montenegro), FK Sevojno from Uzice (Serbia) and FK Macedonia Đorche Petrov from Skopje (Macedonia).
The winners of the groups and the finalists of the Tournament were FC Buducnost and FC Sutjeska. Although the score was 1:1, total points difference decided the winner.
After end of the final match and the announcement of the winner, three more prizes were awarded. For the best players of the tournament, the expert jury declared Bulatovic Darko from FC Sutjeska from Niksic (Montenegro). The award for the best scorer went to a player from the same team, Adrovic Damir (two scores). The award for the youngest player of the Tournament went to Siljanovski Goran, from the team FC Macedonia Djorche Petrov from Skopje (Macedonia),
Although the weather was bad, the teams presented a good game, showed tolerance and endurance. The Tournament organizers were pleased with the game performances, and expressed their willingness to meet again on a Second International Soccer Tournament “Palisad Trophy 2010 “ Zlatibor, to be held next year at the same time and place.

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