Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nitex Workers blocked municipality buildings in Nis

Nis, July 25, (Serbia Today) – Workers of the textile factory “Nitex” , who are already for several months on strike, organized on Friday a blockade of the Municipality buildings in Nis, demanding Government action in the solution of their problems.
About 700 workers from the textile factory Nitex blocked all access to the local Government buildings, preventing those citizens of Nis who tried yesterday to enter any of municipality buildings in the center of Nis, including those employed by the city Government agencies.
Workers, who have not been paid salaries in the past two years, ask for their back pay, as well as for back pay to their health and retirement funds. They are on the strike on and off since November last year.
The President of the Independent Worker’s Union “Nitex” Zoran Tosic stated that workers demand 10.000 Euros to be paid to each worker for last two years, and that owner of the factory continues the production.
Nitex, originally owned by the State, was sold in November of 2006 to Irva Investments Company owned by Djordjija Nicovic for 13 mill. Euros by the State Agency for Privatization. Nitex is one of the oldest textile factories in Serbia, dating back to 1897.
Same company acquired last year a construction company “Gradjevinar” for 150.000 Euros, but that privatization was recently void by the Court. Workers of the construction company are on strike as well.

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