Monday, August 10, 2009

Exhibition "White" in Gallery "Haos"

By: Natasa Tepavcevic

Belgrade, July 16, (Serbia Today)-Exhibition of eight young artists, entitled "White" is opened on July 14th in the gallery "Haos" in Belgrade. The president of the Stari Grad City Hall, Mirjana Božidarević had an honor to open this exhibition.

Subtitle of the exhibition is “Progressive Hope”, because this event/exhibition is organized by, and thanks to the best students from University of Art in Belgrade. Gallery “Haos” as many times before, continues to support young artists, recognizing striking expression of the new generation. Concept of the exhibition is conducted by: Biljana Tomic, Dobrila Denegri and NKA / Independent Cultural Association.

Drawings, paintings and sculptures are installed in the inner space of the gallery and outside, in front of it. The Artists are the youngest generation of art students: Lidija Delić, Smilja Ignjatović, Nina Ivanović, Isidora Krstić, Ana Pavlović, Nina Simonović, Bojana Stamenković i Marija Šević.
Exhibition “White” includes various types of artistic activities such as: performances, city-specific installation, music performances as well as informal free talks with Artists. Conversation between artists and visitors is going on in front of a gallery in “Dositejeva” street, where is the green area-the big grass field installation. This environment-installation has the goal to stop the passengers, to warn the citizens about new age vision of urban city, and to raise the environmental awareness of people. The authors of installation called it ecology action, which includes: ecology regulation of “Dositejeva” street-space at the top of the street between the “National Theater”, “National Museum” and Gallery “Theater” and Gallery “Haos”.

The main idea of the project/culture action is the cleaning of the upper part of the “Dositejeva” street which has been blocked by parked cars. Environmental installation and the whole project, including all events, aim to the public media and institutional campaigning for cleaning “Dositejeva” street to convert the upper part of that street into the first ecological-cultural space in the city. With this insight, the mentioned street in the centre of Belgrade will become a tourist target and attraction. Belgrade will be perceived as an expressive city, clean and with ecological awareness.

The organizations also included in this project are: NKA / MKM, Haos Gallery, Stari Grad City Hall, Urban Greenery, Art students and Faculty of Fine Arts, with the support of the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Tourism and of the City, and the Secretariat for Environmental Protection.

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