Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fish Fest Belgrade '09

By Una Zabunov

Belgrade, June 30 ( Serbia Today)- The smell of fish soup was extended at the mouth of two rivers Danube and Sava for three days. Fish-fest, the event that celebrates the river, fish, music, friendship and good mood, was held from 26 to 28 June near the Nebojsa’s Tower in Belgrade.
Organizers of event were: Association “The Danube at Heart”, Restaurant “Vodenica”, Belgrade Association of Chefs of Mediterranean and European Regions.
The main events of the Fest were very rich music program and competition in the cooking fish soup. The second day of the festival was most visited.
Famous Serbian ethno-singer Luis held a concert for his fans in front of the “Vodenica” restaurant. He sang his popular songs such as:” Do not scold me, do not rebuke me, mother”, “Duda”, “Gypsy dream” etc.
The visitors really enjoyed their fish meals. That night, many celebrities were part of the competition in fish soup and fish stew cooking. The taste of fish, colour of soup and appearance were rated.
Luis was competitor, too. He won the third place. Politika’s journalists made the best fish soup. Saša Orlović,Vladimir Trumić, Boško Tanasković and Saša Lale were in the team of Serbian daily newspapers “Politka”. Saša said for Serbia Today that his team participated for the first time in the competition and that they really were the best cooks that night.

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