Monday, February 1, 2010

Bojan Frleta – handball player from Stara Pazova

Stara Pazova, Jan.25,2010 (Serbia Today) - There is no doubt that Belgrade as the capital of Serbia has a lot to offer when it comes to sports. What is evident is that not all sports clubs have good working conditions.
Talented handball player from the club “Stara Pazova” Bojan Frleta (22) told us in the interview something more about how handball players train in the town Stara Pazova.
„I think that Stara Pazova is a real example how clubs in Serbia lack the conditions for good work in sports clubs. Our senior team competes on the concrete because in Stara Pazova there are no sports halls of appropriate dimension. Lack of halls is a big problem also in work with the younger categories”.
The club competes in the league Srem - South Backa. What are the plans for the placement of high rank competition? “We are currently by far first in our league and we have excellent prospects to reach in the high rank competition”.
How did you start to train handball? “I started to train handball when I was 13, in the club RK Stara Pazova. I’ve chosen handball because my best friends from school started training handball.  Soon sport entered in my blood and now I cannot imagine a single day without the ball.  I participated in various championships, tournaments and when I was younger in school competitions I have repeatedly won awards for best shooter”.
Frleta plays at all positions, but handles the best the position of the left wing. In addition to being one of best players in the club, he also works as a coach to younger categories. “I work as a coach and currently it is my first preoccupation. I work with two selections - boys and girls under the age of 13. I think that for now everything goes well and that we work well but there is much room for improvement, as well as theirs and mine. Selection of boys with whom I was on a tournament in Nova Pazova three months ago took second place behind Partizan from Belgrade. Boys played in a final a really good quality game. On one of the competitions in mini handball selection organized by the Handball Federation of Serbia  in which performed both boys and girls, our team won the third place. These results are worthy of attention”.
Bojan also studies the University of Political Sciences in Belgrade. How you manage to combine sports obligations with the university?
“I can manage all, especially now when I am at the final year of the University. Now things are a little easier.
Sometimes it was really hard but I like what I do and it is not difficult to arrange all”.
Your future plans are mainly related to handball? “I have a plan to stop to play handball  and to dedicate myself exclusively coaching work with kids. In addition I plan to enroll in couching school after Faculty” - said at the end Bojan Frleta.

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