Monday, February 15, 2010

Marija Serifovic to perform at the Belgrade Arena

Belgrade, Feb. 01, 2010 ( Source: Blic) -The popular singer Marija Serifovic will have a big concert at the Belgrade Arena on April 15. This performance will announce her tour in all cities of the former Yugoslavia on which Marija is promoting her new album “Andjeo” (“Angel”) released in December last year.
According to the people from Marija’s team, preparations for this big music spectacle are already in progress and Marija is preparing something completely different, something unique, just as it is generally expected from her. Over fifty people are already included in this project and they are choosing with Marija the best equipment, as well as other interesting components related to the forthcoming concert.
“Rehearsals with the band are under way and in a music sense there will be a lot of surprises. Guests from our country and from abroad will be an essential part of this spectacle and at one moment I will sing together with ten most famous people in Serbia from different areas,” said Marija Serifovic. To remind the readers, the talented singer became famous as a winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki in 2007 with the song “Molitva”. Her tour around Europe ensued and she recorded her new album in Sweden. Ticket sale will start on February 15 and then the points of sale and ticket price will be released.

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