Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Actor Petar Kralj received „Golden Turkey“ Award

Jagodina, Jan. 25, 2010 (Serbia Today) - Since 1972 in Jagodina are traditionally held „The Days of Comedy“, from March 20-27. The Award for Lifetime Achievement„The Golden turkey“ was established in 2001. This is the highest award of the festival, and consists of a diploma, the statue „Golden turkey“ and monetary amount.
Miodrag Petrovic Ckalja, Danilo Bata Stojkovic, Mira Banjac, Ljubomir Ubavkic Pendula, Nikola Simic, Olivera Markovic, Bora Todorovic and Vlastimir Đuza Stojiljkovic are actors who were winners of this special award throughout the years. This year the actor Petar Kralj received that award for his life’s work of the best comedy achievements of Serbia. Award will be presented at the “ Day of World Theater” on March 27 2010.
The Chairman of the Board of the festival Dobrica Milicevic made the following announcement to the journalist: “The decision was unanimous, and for the prize were competing two more actors. Peter Kralj is one of the leading actors of today.“
During “The Days of Comedy”, Kralj was awarded already this award three times. In 1977 Kralj first received this award for his role as Captain Ivulic in “The mace” by Klema Gubišića, performed by Atelje 212 in Belgrade. He received the same award for the role of Sisyphus in “Plots by Inspector “ by Ranko Marinkovic, performed by the Belgrade Drama Theater. At 2001th King won the same gold turkey for Nicholas Hair for his role in “Dr. Shuster” performed by Zvezdara Theater.
Peter Kralj is a Serbian theater and film actor, born on April 4, 1941 in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated from the Academy of Theater, Film, Radio and Television in Belgrade. Since 1968 until 1979 , Kralj was a member of Atelier 212 Theater. By crossing over to the free artists his membership in the Atelier 212 ceased, where in addition to the National Theater he played the most. He received many prizes, including the most attractive awards, such as: Milos Zutic in1994 ,statue of Joakim Vujić in 1994 , Dobrica’s ring in 1996 . His most famous films are: Ward, Suspicious person, 7 Hamlets, The drug of love, Lost happiness, Moliere, The Battle of Kosovo, The Calvary, Dervish and death, Vuk Karadzic, Without the broom handle, Forgotten, Sunflowers, All the people, The Family mild, Bitter fruit, The dollars coming, Farmers, The White ship.

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