Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heavy Snow in Serbia

Belgrade, Feb. 15, 2010 (Serbia Today) - The weekend started for Serbians with the heavy snow falling all over the country. Most of the roads were over the weekend in bad condition, slippery and the visibility was very low. In the lower areas there is about 6 inches of snow on the ground while in the mountainous areas there is over 18 inches. The government agency responsible for the clean up of the roads is doing its best to maintain roads in usable condition, but it seems that only main highways and major streets in the capital city of Belgrade are being regularly cleaned. The officials warned drivers of the treacherous conditions on the roads and advised them not to go on the road unless really necessary and then only if vehicles are equipped with the winter tires and other additional winter accessories. Due to the inefficient maintenance of the roads over the year there is a lot of cracks and holes on the roads. Now covered with snow and ice they present an additional danger to the drivers.

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