Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mariza will sing on April 10th in Sava Center

Belgrade, Feb. 13, 2010 (Serbia Today) – Mariza, well known Portuguese Fado singer, will for the fourth time perform before the public in Belgrade. Each time, her concerts were great success and sold out. April concert is a part of her new European tour “Terra 2010. Mariza climbed to the top of the fado world since her debut album, Fado em Mim, in 2001, and she attracted a larger audience with the release of her CD, Fado Curvo in 2003..
Songs of longing and despair are a national tradition in Portugal. The word "fado" comes from the Latin fatum, meaning fate, destiny or doom. "Curvo" is the Portuguese word for curved or winding. "For me, curvo means that which is not straight," Mariza says. "Life is not a straight line — like passion, like music."
Fado emerged from the brothels and taverns of Lisbon about 200 years ago, and were first sung by lonely sailors. Today the songs are mostly performed in restaurants and special fado clubs.
Female fado singers, called fadistas, usually perform these fateful songs while draped in black shawls, standing very still. But Mariza's performances are different — she moves with the emotion of a song — and does not wear a traditional shawl. Like many other fadistas, Mariza goes by just one name. She was born in Mozambique, but her family moved to Portugal when she was very young. She says singing was part of everyday life, and remembers going to fado houses when she was very young.
Mariza has been compared to Amália Rodrigues, an icon of the fado tradition. But Mariza says she wants to expand on the tradition of fado, rather than emulate the fadista divas of the past.

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