Friday, February 19, 2010

The most popular vacation destination for Serbs – Greece

Belgrade, Feb.11, 2010 (Serbia Today) – While subzero temperatures and snow are still reminding Serbia that winter is not over yet, some of the Serbian citizens are already thinking of the summer vacations. Most of the tourist agency in Serbia are receiving reservations for summer vacation packages and some of the impatient vacationers are taking advantage of the early offers.

So far, the most popular vacation destination is Greece, particularly Greek Islands. Behind Greece is a Spanish Mediterranean Riviera. Much less interest than in the same period of the last year is for Bulgaria, Montenegro and Croatia.

Most of those who already booked their vacations are families with children or retired people. One of the reasons for early bookings is the discounts that travel agencies offer to those who book before April 1st, as well as the possibility of the installment payments without which many could not afford summer vacation.

The latest polls show that about 20 percent of Serbian tourists plan to make private arrangements for their summer vacations bypassing offers by tourist agencies. 65 percent will be vacationing this year in Greece, 10 percent in Spain, 9 percent in Egypt, 7 percent in Turkey. Only one percent plan to go to Croatian coast or to Bulgaria, while around 10 percent will spend their summer in Montenegro.

No poll posed the question what percentage of Serbians will actually go to summer vacation this year at all. If it is to judge according to unemployment rate or to the average monthly salary, many will spend their summer on the Belgrade’s Ada Ciganlija Beach, or on the local river beaches and city pools throughout Serbia.

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