Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Annual Congress of International Hotel and Restaurant Association in Belgrade—January 18-21

Belgrade, Jan. 16, 2010, (Serbia Today) - The annual congress of International Hotel and Restaurant Association will be held in Belgrade's hotel "Continental" between January 18 and 21.

According to the announcement, it will be attended by about 200 representatives of the hotel sector from Serbia and abroad.

The theme of the congress is "New Trends in Hotel Management and Balkan as new tourist market of Europe".

The congress will also be attended by the representatives of the ministries of tourism of the countries from the region who will take part, on the first day, in the round table on the possibilities of development and investments in the tourism sector and the possibilities of regional cooperation.

The speakers at the congress will be the representatives of international associations, including the World Standardization Organization, International Labor Organization and international associations for mobility and migrations.

The Association of Hotel and Restaurant Economy of Serbia – HORES, and the Balkan Alliance of Hotel Associations - BAHA, as the members of international association IH&RA, nominated Belgrade for the host of this meeting and enabled its holding in our country.

The organizer of the congress is International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IH&RA), which gathers over 100 national associations, 300,000 hotels and over 8m restaurants.

The annual congress of the International Hotel and Restaurant Association in Belgrade will be held under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of Serbia and with the support of the tourism organizations of Serbia and Belgrade.

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