Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The success of the Italian TV movie made in Belgrade

Belgrade, Feb. 08, 2010 (Serbia Today) - More and more often, foreign movie makers are turning towards Belgrade, and its picturesque neighborhoods, as a background for their movie projects. If one add to it the availability of the low cost Serbian film professionals, it would be immediately clear that the potential of the services that could be provided to foreign movie makers are very attractive.
This fact is already well known by the authors of the two-part film “Lo scandalo della Banca Romana” which was shot last year in Belgrade and has recently been shown on Italian television RAI1 with much success. The film featuring over 50 Serbian actors is directed by Stefano Reali and was watched by 6,7 million people, more than the most popular TV show- Italian “Big Brother” The film produced by TV RAI was shot last year on numerous locations in Belgrade and part of it was shot in Kotor and Rome. The executive producer of the film starring Vincent Perez and Guiseppe Fiorello is “Film 87”. Over 50 Serbian actors, among whom there are Ljiljana Blagojevic, Aleksandar Gajin, Predrag Ejdus, Irfan Mensur, Slobodan Custic, Ivan Bekjarev, have given their contribution to the film “Lo scandalo della Banca Romana”. As it was expected, the film attracted a great attention of the Italian public, because it deals with one of the biggest financial and corruption affairs in modern history of Italy.

In late 19th century, “Banca Romana” was one of the six central banks in Italy which had a permission to print notes. At the beginning of 1889, the president of the board of ministers Francesco Crispi ordered examination of bank transactions and it proved that “Banca Romana” violated all business and ethical rules- they printed overdrawn notes and above all the bank gave “loans” to the most influential politicians among whom there were Crispi, as well as the Prime Minister Giovanni Giolitti!

The story about the scandal was told from the perspective of a young journalist Matija who arrives in Rome and gets involved in a network of corruption, money laundering and clashes. Matija goes through hell in order to recover his moral integrity.

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