Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wind Generators in the Municipality of Cajetina

By Bojana Jankovic

Cajetina, July 25 (Serbia Today)- According to preliminary research, the mountain Zlatibor area is extremely rich in wind flow, and there is a possibility to use it as an alternative energy source.
Renewable energy sources are the future of Serbia. The Representatives of the Austrian company “Ventureal”, which deals with the construction of wind-parks and setting wind generators, visited the municipality of Cajetina.
The considered location has to have the minimum annual wind speed range from 4.9-5.8 m / sec, and Zlatibor, according to the official data, has more than that.
During the visit, the Guests presented the dynamics of their program works, and transmitted to the Mayor of Cajetina, the results of the talks they have had with State Secretary in the Ministry of Energy RS, Nikola Rajaković, about the possibilities of production of electricity using wind in Serbia.
The Municipal Services provided all the necessary data on wind conditions and potentials of the Kriva Breza and the Gradina, and an Electro distribution company of Cajetina gave the information about the possibilities of using this system.
The preliminary researches are completed, the necessary permits will be issued soon, and the first wind generators in the municipality of Cajetina will be placed.
The Investors announced the arrival of colleagues from the same consortium, interested in the construction of mini hydro power plants in certain locations drafted by the Area Plan of the Municipality of Čajetina.

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