Friday, September 11, 2009

Serbia @ EXPO 2010

By Jelena Jovanovic

Belgrade, July 28, ( Serbia Today) - Exhibition in Belgrade gallery O3one, presents Serbia`s projects which will be presented at the World Expo exhibition to be held in Shangai, in 2010. Until June, 29th audience will be able to see the concept of EXPO Exhibition and Serbia`s future presentation.
Various photos and video works show unique and recognizable world brands, as well as things that Serbia is known for (or might become known).
The main goal of the exhibition is to motivate young and talented authors to join the action of making Serbian souvenirs more contemporary. Therefore, as a part of the exhibition, last week a panel discussion was organized, and it was announced that the official souvenir of Serbia on the world exhibition EXPO 2010 in Shanghai would be selected in the competition, organized by SIEPA (Serbian Investment and Export promotion Agency). The competition will last from August 1st to September 15th and all citizens and companies will be able to sign up and offer their suggestions.
Participants of the discussion about Serbian souvenirs in O3one Gallery were Milica Zatezalo from SIEPA, Ana Jovanovic from the portal Souvenirs of Serbia and representatives from Tourist organization of Serbia and Belgrade Tourist Organization.
In EXPO 2010, Serbia will present itself for the first time as an independent country. The appearance in Shanghai will be a great opportunity for Serbia to present itself in the best way, build international image, show economic potentials...
- At this time, Serbia has a limited range of adequate souvenirs that could be offered at this great world exhibition. There is a need for the creation of new souvenirs and a need for redesigning souvenirs that Serbia already have, in order to create official Serbian souvenirs for EXPO 2010. - said the representative of SIEPA Milica Zatezalo.
Participants in the discussion tried to give some guidelines and support to designers (and all with ideas) to create new souvenirs and participate in the competition.
Ana Jovanovic, editor of the portal said that Serbia had a need for contemporary designed souvenirs dedicated to a particular city, building or event. She also added that it was necessary that souvenirs were serial products, cheap and accessible.
Gordana Cvetkoviic from the Tourist organization of Serbia stressed that a souvenir should represent a country, nation, culture and tradition, and that development and promotion of souvenir products in Serbia had very important role in tourism.
Serbian designer Marko Sojanovic who works and lives in Italy said that his opinion was that new Serbian souvenirs should differ from the existing ones.
- Whenever we talk about souvenirs in Serbia we talk about ethno souvenirs or those which are handmade and present handcraft works. I have nothing against it - we need to have such souvenirs. But, I think that we should go further and offer something different. I think that the souvenir for EXPO should have a certain message. We will communicate with the world audience and I think that we should make something contemporary with universal values and recognizable signals, but also with local and authentic note.
Universal Exposition or Expo ( also known as World Fair) is the name given to various large public exhibitions held since 19th century. ( The first Expo had been held in London, in 1851).
Expo is the third largest event in the world in terms of economic and cultural impact. The main attractions at World's Fairs are the national pavilions, created by participating countries.
Expo 2010 will be held in Shanghai, China from May 1st –October 31st , 2010. The theme of the exposition - "Better City – Better Life" will signify Shanghai's new status in the 21st century as a major economic and cultural center. It is expected that that exhibition would generate the largest number of visitors in the history of EXPO.

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