Sunday, September 27, 2009

Romanian Forklore Festival

By Milen Vesovic

Zrenjanin, August 27 ,2009 (Serbia Today) -The Romanian Folklore Festival in Vojvodina was held in Ečka, close to Zrenjanin, from August 20 - 23. Todor Petrovici, President of the Executive Committee of the Festival, said that this festival, which is this year held for the 49th time, promotes cultural values, traditions and language of Romanians in Vojvodina and Serbia. “A Festival of Folklore is the most important manifestation of Romanians in the region, and in addition to promoting the culture of the minorities, it has a goal to establish the cooperation with Romanians from other countries” - said Petrovici. Roman Bugar, President of the Art Festival Commission, says that the Festival was attended by 1300 participants from Serbia and around 400 from abroad. In addition to 20 dance ensembles, 51 vocal soloists and 9 choirs appeared at the Festival. Exhibitions of local artists and contemporary art were organized as well. The first Festival of Romanian Folklore in Vojvodina was held 40 years ago in Uzdin, and the last time it was held in Ečka was 20 years ago.

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