Friday, September 11, 2009

Knowledge for Tomorrow - Open Heart Action

By: Valentina Radulovic

Belgrade, Aug.27,2009, (Serbia Today) - Diplomatic “Open-Heart Action” stands for the external action “Humanitarian Initiative through Knowledge into Tomorrow” which was launched under the general patronage of the President of the Republic of Serbia and with patronages from Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia and many other institutions.
The program of this humanitarian action is to provide to the disadvantaged categories of the population in Serbia free education, which includes basic computer and Internet trainings. Knowledge and experience obtained through this program have an aim to provide each student with an easier employment opportunity, as well as faster and better integration into the society, regardless what they will do in the future.
The President of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Boris Tadic said in his letter of support, that this action represents a significant contribution in involving the disadvantaged citizens to the world of modern technologies, which will help them to find jobs. He invited all who have the possibility, to help this humanitarian action. In that way, it will help gather much more users.
The Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Policy also supported the action. He said that the action “Knowledge for tomorrow” has the meaning to the society in general.
The users of this program are mainly children without parents, refugees, and internally displaced people with disabilities and other social groups.
For past five years of humanitarian action “Knowledge for tomorrow,” 933 members of socially vulnerable categories trained to work on the computer. The Director of Academy Forum, the organizer and creator of this action, said that they are close to the initial number of 1000 people, and that they hope to accomplish it until December.
The authorities cope to realize this program in spite of current economic crises. So far, the results of the Coordinator-sponsors of this action states that 73 generation of students finished classes for the middle level of business with the implementation of the Internet, and 160 of them found employment. Tatjana Pasic, the President of the National Office, also confirmed those numbers. She said that more than 1000 people are still waiting for the training and invited donors to be involved in the action.
Academy of action plans to expand to the West Serbia, Raska, regions of Zlatibor and Morava, as they are undeveloped and neglected. The program in those areas is expected to start in February next year.

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