Sunday, September 20, 2009

Decrease in Computer Sales

By Rina Mihajlovic

Novi Sad, August 25 (Serbia Today) - In the first trimester of this year 73,900 computers were sold in Serbia which is 24 percent less than last year. After very successful year 2008, global economic crisis hit all large hardware and computer components distributors.
The data announced by the Provincial Bureau of Statistics says that the number of homes that possess computers has been increasing annually by 5 percent. At this pace of growth, Serbia is on a good road to reach the level of used information gear that existed in the countries that are candidates for association with the EU.
The survey was conducted by analytic agency IDC Adriatic in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia and found out that sales decreased in Croatia as well, by 25 percent and in Slovenia the market experienced an increase of 8 percent. In total, in these three countries all together 177,000 computers were sold which is 18,7 percent less that during the same period of time last year.
The main reason for decrease in sales of computers is general increase in living expenses, decrease in consumer spending and increase of unemployment.
The statistics showed that in June most computers were delivered by Com Trade, followed by Toshiba and HP.
In the second trimester of this year, the PC delivery was decreased by 21.5 percent comparing to last year. Delivery of laptops fell by 16.9 percent while delivery of desktop computers fell by 23.1 percent. Desktop computers take 70.7 percent of the market share, laptops 27.9 percent and servers 1.3 percent of the total market share.
Last month survey showed little change in data, having HP back on top, based on amount of computers delivered and computers’ value. Com Trade fell to second place but remained the biggest deliverer of locally made computers.
Eight biggest leaders in computer industry delivered 42.2% computers while the rest 57.8% is composed of 350 smaller local companies that assemble computers.
In desktop computer market the three leaders are HP, Lenovo and Dell creating 80.4 percent of the total market share.
In the laptop market Toshiba takes first place with 17.8 percent of the market share while HP takes second place with 17.5% and MSI with 16.5% of the market share.
Economic situation of the local IT companies is a little critical not only because of decrease in sales but also because of no liquidity of partners and because of 12 percent fall in prices that led to decreased income. Analysis of these effects in the past 6 months has shown a lasting and significant decrease of the sales of approximately 30 percent on the average and in some areas even up to 60 percent. Even application of information technology in our country experiences a fall.
Currently Serbia with 19 percent of homes that possess computers is not only lagging behind the developed countries (USA 75 percent and EU 50 percent) and the countries candidates for EU (35 percent), but also behind its neighboring countries (Croatia 50%).

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