Sunday, September 6, 2009

Spa and Wellness Centers in Belgrade

By: Lola Tapuskovic

Belgrade, Aug.25 , 2009,(Serbia Today) - The need to take care of one owns body and health, culminated in the 20th century with the appearance of beauty salons and fitness centers.
The first Spa centers were opened in Belgrade few years ago. They took an example by other European cities health resorts. The Spa centers were supposed to be places in which everyone could relax and find relief from every day’s stress, while taking care of their bodies. All programs in it are adapted to trends of western and eastern culture.
Spa centers are open seven days a week, and they are based on very high standards. Spa offer contains different cosmetic and body treatments with healthy Dead Sea mud, sea weeds, aloe, herbal Botox, essential oils, etc. The most wanted offers are hydro massage, steam bathroom, spa massage, spa treatment, body and face peeling, Air brushing (Danish method for making skin darker, made of aloe, vitamin B and herbal essentials) , electro stimulants and standard cosmetic offers like pedicure, manicure and depilation. The steam bathroom is a good way to relax and detoxify the organism. In Spa centers is very popular to use some eucalyptus, mint and lavender oils during this treatment like aroma therapy. Of all Spa treatments, the most popular are: a king massage, massage with volcano rocks, massage with hot chocolate, face massage with crystals, and face massage with caviar. Few months ago started a Cleopatra treatment, which is a milk bath.
In contrast to Spa centers, which are devoted to relax the body and organism, Wellness centers give chance to everyone to shape their bodies as they like. Common thing for those two kinds of centers is individual work, recommendation of healthy nutrition and drinking of lot of water.
Wellness centers are different because of different body care – they recommend recreation, relaxation and revitalization of organism. There are programs for shaping the body, slimming programs and programs for getting in good shape. Most of wellness centers have modern accessories for trainings, rooms for aerobics, biking, Pilates (which is very popular in Serbia), Finnish sauna, swimming pools, etc. Everything is under control of a fitness trainer, aerobics instructor, physiotherapist, doctor and nutritionist who can advise you how to change your nutrition.
In most cases, Wellness and Spa centers are connected, and depending on your mood or need, you can choose what kind of relaxation you want. The membership fee is paid for one year, six or one month. That means that number of members is selected in those centers.
Last few years it is really hard to reserve a treatment in some of those centers, famous by its quality, in spite of the fact that the number of centers is growing. That only shows that they are necessary for citizens of Belgrade.

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