Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Eighth International Art Camp

By: Bojana Jankovic
Kosjeric, Aug.27 ,2009, (Serbia Today) - The International Art Camp, as a part of the Summer cultural manifestation in Kosjeric, took place from August 4-17, 2009.
The Art Camp was sponsored by the K-Town group (the citizens of Kosjeric), and under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Young Researchers of Serbia, of the Municipal Assembly Kosjeric, the National Library of Kosjeric, Tourist organization Kosjeric, gallery O3one and Radio Kosjeric.
The First Art Camp took place in 2002, and until today over 180 young people from 35 countries, have visited Kosjeric. Together with the young people of Serbia, through the volunteering workshops they exchange experiences, create and show artistic projects, in hope to create through the interaction with the residents, the biggest possible benefit for the community.
The participants had free accommodations in the houses of residents of Kosjeric.
This year camp included 30 young people from 12 countries:
Music Workshop: Natalia Romanova (Russia), Caramel Farnier (France), Gregor Hamann (Germany), Moravkova Lenka (Czech Republic), Wolfgang Knierzinger (Austria), Marco Di Noia ( Italy), Anton Osrtoukhov (Russia); Workshop visual art (Artburg Hill) Mirja Brueckner (Germany), Samuel Moselle (France), Paulina Targalska (Poland), Smiljana Dragicevic (Serbia), Alex O'shea (England), Myriam Bartolucci (Italy), Sara Mariani (Italy), March Krawcyk (Poland); Theater Workshop: Katarzyna Klimowicz, Lesia Iovkhymenko (Ukraine). Agnes Curel (France), Catherine Madden (Canada), Scisci Fabrizio (Italy), Patrick Hafner (Germany), Christiano old (Italy); Mural and graffiti Workshop Maria Kotlyachkova (Russia), Anna Schmidth (Germany), Maria Mironova ( Russia), Josselin Lartaud (France), Jan Monclus (Spain).
The participants of the Mural and graffiti Workshop with their interventions decorated the open space of Kosjeric. Those from the Visual Art Workshop presented the gradation/degradation of human soul through human life. Those from Theater Workshop researched different possibilities of theater arrangements through everyday life situations (on a bench in park, in a restaurant). Those from Music Workshop composed music and performed it in combination with video materials. They improvised with the participants of the Theater Workshop, made music inspired by the murals and graffiti, and performed it in different outdoor locations.
On August 11th, all the participants of the Art Camp, presented their own countries, with traditional foods, costumes, dances, music. During this “International Night”, they presented the characteristics of their countries.
Natalija Simovic, PR of the International Art Camp told Serbia Today; “The main goal of this camp is that young people around the world through the voluntary creative workshops create and display various art projects, and thus through different activities have interaction with the local population. Participants throughout the day created their various art works, and during the evening they had fun-educational activities. Participants particularly found interesting a trip to Divcibare, and see where is located a place for an ecological camp for children. In addition, they met with natural beauty, and worked a variety of creative things. Jam session, which took place Kosjeric on August 13th , was also very interesting because the music school students played spontaneously, without previous exercise, but they improvised in their own way, in a spur of a moment.”
All the works of these young people will stay in place, until the next year’s Art Camp.
The final program transferred to Belgrade, on August 17, where in the Association of Rock musicians the Eighth International Art Camp was closed.

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