Sunday, September 27, 2009

Belgrade Boat Carnival

By Jelena Jovanovic

Belgrade, Aug. 2 ( Serbia Today) - `Because I love Sava and Danube` is slogan of this year’s Belgrade Boat Carnival, an annual manifestation which takes place in Belgrade (on the Sava and the Danube and near Branko`s bridge in its final) every August. This year, on August 29th, from 4 pm until midnight, the Carnival will present carnival boats of all sizes and shapes and Serbian and foreign carnival groups, as well as the accompanying program.
Dejan Veselinov, PR manager from Belgrade Tourist Organization told Serbia Today that Belgrade Boat Carnival had been organized for the first time in 2004. At the time students and professors from the Association Public Art for Public Space got an idea to organize manifestation with an aim to invite residents of Belgrade on their rivers and remind them of their beauty and significance. Belgrade Tourist Organization was a co-organizer of the Carnival in the first year, and the main organizer since 2005. The popular Summer manifestation has been growing ever since - last year there were 1000 participants.
Veselinov stressed that this carnival differed from the others because it was organized on the water. The part of the manifestation is organized on the land, on the Sava bank, from Branko`s bridge to the mouth of the Sava river into the Danube. This year visitors will be able to watch Children carnival, with more than 300 children dressed in carnival costumes and a program with various dance groups.
In the afternoon, before the main part of the program, sports review with yachtsman, rowers, kayakers, canoeists, and water-skiers will be organized. In the main part of the program, in the evening hours more than 50 decorated boats with carnival groups will make long carnival queue, together with popular Belgrade Tourist boats, with the crew and travelers. (Boats and their owners who want to participate in the Carnival can apply via TOB web site, until August 10th)
At the end of the manifestation, from 8 pm until midnight , a big party will take place on the Sava bank.
The impressive view of boats and Belgrade Rivers (especially in the evening) and cheerful atmosphere make this event unique and very popular. Viewers of the Carnival who always have a good time are Belgrade residents of all ages, children, foreign guests…
Dejan Veselinov from Belgrade Tourist organization explained that the slogan of the Belgrade Boat Carnival 09- Because I love Sava and Danube was the logical choice after the main slogan that Belgrade Tourist Organization promoted this year - Because I love Belgrade.
He also said that TOB, by organizing this manifestation, wanted to remind people of all potentials that Belgrade rivers have. Sava and Danube are very important for tourism and Belgrade citizens - with all boats, marinas. restaurants, clubs, even private houses on the river that can be rented during the summer. Belgrade Boat Carnival has an aim to establish Belgrade as a city that lies on the banks of two rivers, and to contribute developing of nautical tourism. The goal is also enriching the list of summer events in Belgrade and stressing the significance of ecology and taking care about environment.
“We want to pay special attention on the ecology this year. It is very important to keep our rivers, clean them and make them less polluted. We will have several points where people will be able to inform about current ecological actions. It will be the innovation of this year’s Carnival. Sava and Danube are the wealth of our city and very important part of Belgrade tourist offer.” Veselinov added.

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