Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Red Star win the cup in Chicago

Belgrade/ Chicago, May, 26. 2010 (Serbia Today) - Red Star won first place at the Twin Cities Tournament in Chicago after a dramatic victory over  FC Paris Saint-Germain. The match finished with a score of 1-1 and the winner was decided on penalties, which Red Star won 7-6. Red Star led 1-0 in the 73rd minute when the goal hit Kadu. Then French player Marcos Ceara equalized in the 91st minute of the match. Jean-Eudes Maurice was the only penalty taker to miss and Milan Jeremic scored the winning goal for Red Star. Successful penalties for Red Star were taken by Nemanja Nikolic, Branimir Subotic, Milos Trifunovic, Milan Vilotic, Vladimir Bogdanovic, Slavko Perovic and Milan Jeremic.

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