Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Duel with Australia the biggest challenge

Belgrade/ Johannesburg ,June 24. 2010. (Serbia today) - Defensive player of Serbian football team Branislav Ivanovic said that the match with Australia, which is to play on Wednesday, will be the biggest challenge for the Serbian team in the World Cup in South Africa. "In the two games we won three points and that gives us confidence, but still we haven’t done anything great. The most important thing is to act as a team. We have noticed a phenomenal success against the Germans, but we should remain calm. Duel with Australia is perhaps the biggest challenge in representative careers of each of us, "said Ivanovic to Serbian journalists. We have to respond to those elements, which are their strongest weapon, be at least equal, and I believe that then we get to the quality of individual expression," said Ivanovic, who plays for London's Chelsea. The victory in the duel with Australia, 23rd June in Nelspruit, Serbia would guarantee a place in the eighth round of the World Cup in southern Africa.

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