Monday, June 14, 2010

Petrovaradin fortress, Gibraltar on the Danube

Belgrade June, 10, 2010 (Serbia Today) -  History: This beauty of the Danube was built between 1692 and 1780, based on Voban's plans, by military engineers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It occupies a space of 112 ha with a unique system of four level and 16 km long underground corridors. It is a true wonder of architecture and was considered impregnable at the time. Culture: Petrovaradin fortress has been an important cultural and art center since 1951, and the largest art colony in the world with over 88 art studios. It is part of the cultural identity of Novi Sad where visitors can buy paintings or some other art pieces, talk with the artists and experience the atmosphere of studios while works of art are created. The Clock Tower on the fortress is special. The big hand shows hours and the small one minutes so that the residents of Novi Sad, Petrovaradin and the sailors could see the time from great distances. Relaxation: To sit on a terrace of Petrovaradin Fortress is an unique experience especially while enjoying a drink or delicious meal. There are three exclusive restaurants on the terrace: one serves national cuisine dishes and the other two serve Thai and Italian specialties. Visitors are strongly encouraged to visit the museum, catacombs and walk around the complex, while enjoying great views of the Danube. Entertainment: There are clubs and cafés on the Fortress. Exit, the biggest and the best music festival in Europe, takes place at the Fortress in summer making it one more reason to visit this cultural monument. There is a horse riding club at the foot of the Fortress and behind the restaurant ‘Trag’ where game specialties are served.

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