Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fantast - Vojvodina’s  fairy tale

Belgrade, June 11. 2010. (Serbia Today) - The  castle Fantast is placed in the northern Serbia region of Vojvodina. It is near Becej, 120 kilometers from Belgrade. When Fantast was built, it represented all the power and wealth of its owner Bogdan Dundjerski who never married but had three great loves: women, horses and wine. One of his friends was Uros Predic, a famous painter, who painted the iconostasis of the chapel dedicated to St. George that Dundjerski decided to erect on his estate. A horse farm occupied half of the total estate with around 1.400 purebred horses. Nowadays, there are about 80 horses in six stables. There is also a riding school for horse lovers. The Castle Fantast represents an important cultural monument. It has been renovated into a luxurious hotel visited by both national and international guests. The hotel rooms are in the main tower. The hotel is open to all visitors. In the vast park built in French and English style, there are many walking paths, tennis courts and a lake. The chapel of St. George has great artistic value. It is very popular for baptisms and particularly weddings for its romantic atmosphere.

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