Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rebel yell in Belgrade 

Belgrade, June 24. 2010. (Serbia Today)  British rock musician Billy Idol performed June 21th at Belgrade park 'Usce"  in front of around  15.000 spectators. The concert lasted an hour and a half, while nearly all the time poor rain was falling. At "Usce" park audience enjoyed  hits as "Ready, steady go", "Rebel yell", "LA woman", "Eyes without face", "White wedding", "Sweet sixteen". Audience of all ages listened Idols concert. Whole Stanic family was there, father Luka (42), mother Ljilja 4O and their sons Milos (15)  and Darko (13). "We are here with our children because we want them to hear  the music of our youth, and it looks that they like it", says Luka. Group of the seven girl-friends made a special souvenir for Idols concert,  T- shirts with the verses from his greatest hits. "I created those T-shirts i wonted us to remember this evening", said one of the friends with the T-shirt "Hot in the city". Belgrade, June 23. 2010. (Serbia today) Visitors of Belgrade from June 25. till June 27.  will be able to experience and learn about Africa. The Museum of African Art will organize the "Afro-fest", event for presentation of tradition, culture and life style in the hottest continent. Visitors will be able to enjoy in the African decorative, and clothing, also one could taste culinary specialties from different parts of Africa. During the festival audience would be able to see documentary movies about Africa, and listen all musical styles from that continent. "Afro Fest" is held in Belgrade every year from 1997.

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