Monday, March 15, 2010

Zlatibor Mountain

By: Bojana Jankovic

Uzice, March 06, 2010. (Serbia Today) - Zlatibor Mountain, known as the most famous “Air Spa”, is located at a distance of 230 kilometers from Belgrade, in the Western part of Serbia, near the town of Uzice. At a sea level of 1000 meters, Zlatibor is a mountain that connects the beautiful and useful with a complete healing.

Because of its favorable climate, Zlatibor is well known for healing the bronchial asthma and allergy diseases. Zlatibor is also popular for people who are coming to lose weight or for its famous evening entertainment.
Spacious clearings, mountain brooks, pleasant climate, rich flora and fauna, make this mountain attractive and in center of attention. Zlatibor has its healing natural water sources, and one of them is spa Vapa, whose healing water has properties to cure eye and skin diseases.

Recently many sport terrains, ski lifts, and paths were opened, as well as outdoor and indoor swimming pools. There is a beautiful lake and many new hotels and apartment villas, private accommodations, restaurants and cafes. Annually around 200.000 people visit Zlatibor.
Hotel complex Palisad, Hotel Panorama, Hotel VIS, Hotel Olimp, Medical center Cigota, Hotel Mona, Hotel Zelenkada, Villa Jelena, Villa Jet Set, Apartments Prestige, Aleksandar, Monarchy, Casa Vostra, Panorama, Rosic, Vihor, Fantazy, Children’s Rest Home, Golija, Students Rest home, are just a few of a huge selection for excellent accommodation and service, to which many visitors return often.

One of the most recently opened establishments is a Center called “The Rose of Winds”, which is a center for healthy living. It consists of a five star hotel and a complex of apartments around it. Its purpose is raising the awareness of healthy and organically produced food and healthy life style.

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