Friday, March 12, 2010

The best bowler in the world from Serbia!

By Milen Vesovic

Vrbas, March, 05. 2010 (Serbia Today) - Vilmos Zavarko, Serbian national bowling player is placed first on the International Bowling Federation ranking list (FIC NBC).

Zavarko, who on the previous list was third, replaced on the top Norbert Kis from Hungary. Serbian representative won the tournament for the world rankings in Vrbas, Apatin and Szeged this year, and as points are counted his participations in the team championship of the world in Detenheim 2009, his last year's victory in the tournament in Szeged and third place at last year's tournament in Skopje .

Among the top 20 on the list, which this year has a record 779 bowler, there are three Serbian players. The captain of the world champion Jovan Calic is fourth, at the 12th place is Arpad Antal, and 17th is Daniel Tepsa. In the women’s bowler competition, among the top 20 list were 474 names, while Serbia has three competitors. Nevenka Jokovic is the tenth, Zorica Barac 11th, and Livia Santo 19th.
Rank list for March - bowler: 1 Vilmos Zavarko (Serbia, Sport Podbrezova - Slovakia) 82 points, 2 Kyle Kis (Hungary, Szeged) 74.73, 3 Kracijun Kosmin (Romania, Victoria Bamberg - Germany) 72.29, 4 John Calic (Serbia, Sport Podbrezova) 70.29, 5 Gejer Karl (Germany, Victoria Bamberg) 70 ... 12. Arpad Antal (Serbia, Belgrade, "Postal Savings Bank) 60, 17th Daniel Tepša (Serbia, Belgrade, "Postal Savings Bank") 56 points.

Bowler-women: 1- Ursula Zimmermann (Germany, Ledelseim) 91.67, 2- Barbara Fidel (Slovenia, Celje Lanteks) 82.67, 3- Corinna Kastner (Germany, Epelheim) 82.25, 10- Nevenka Jokovic (Serbia, Pioneer - Subotica) 62.33, 11- Zorica Barac (Serbia, Junakovic - Junakovic Spa) 61.80, 19- Livia Santo (Serbia, Pioneer) 50.33 points, etc. Next tournament for the world ranking list is the "Grand Prix” of Austria in Vienna on April 3,2010.

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