Monday, March 15, 2010

Topalko winner of Grand Festival!

By: Milen Vesovic
Belgrade, March 09, 2010 (Serbia Today) –A singer Milan Topalovic Topalko is the overall winner of the third Axal Music Grand Festival. He was in the finals, after the additional votes of the Judges and the audience determined the winner, thus winning the prize of 35 thousand Euros.
A singer Sasa Matic received the first prize worth 15,000 Euros by the Judges who consisted of 51 members of people from cultural and public life; the second prize and 10,000 Euros went to Zorica Brunclik, and the third prize of 5,000 Euros was won by Tanja Savic.
The audience, which voted by SMS, chose their favorite Milan Topalovic who won 15,000 Euros, the second was Darko Lazic , who won 10,000 Euros, and the third Dusan Svilar received 5,000 Euros. Topalko was the second choice in the new "Zvezda Grande" festival last year, and in late December he became the first winner of Reality shows "Farma".

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