Monday, March 15, 2010

Divcibare Mountain

By:Bojana Jankovic
Divcibare, March 06, 2010. (Serbia Today) - Positioned in a central part of a mountain range Maljen, 38 kilometers South-East of the town Valjevo, Divcibare is a well known mountain, airial and touristic place that attracts over two million citizens yearly.
Black river, Zabalci, Calacki potok and Devil’s whirlpool are strict nature conservation places at the sea level of 980 meters. Because of its good geographic position and comfortable gentle climate, air masses from the Mediterranean sea combine with the air masses from the Caucassus mountains, Panonian valley, and meet over Divcibare. That explaines the presence of iodine in the air.
Thanks to that climate, Divcibare was proclaimed a climatic healing center in 1963. The river Manastirica that flows through this mountain represents a special curiosity because of its waterfall called Skakalo, which thanks to its hight of about 20 meters makes incredible shapes.
Besides that, with a special pleasure Divcibare presents its soft meadows, and coniferous and deciduous forests. If you are looking for a sense of freedom, relaxation, happiness- you will find them with a help of a cable railway which will lead you to the tops „Crni Vrh“ and „Maljen“.
All these beauties cannot be seen in one day only, so you will need the services of accomodation. Indeed, Divcibare has those bountifully. In the absolute silence and peace, scents of nature and flavor of freedom, you will be fascinated by the hotels: Bob-Petošević, Maljen, Mladost, Crni Vrh, with very affordable prices.
The name of Divcibare dates from 1476, when it was mentioned during Turkish census of Sandzak. „In the vicinity of „Master’s cottage“ there was a spring of cold mountain water, and the name Divcibare or „Girl’s pools“ got its name by a tragic death of one young girl who has drowned by accident in the risen river“. Make a decision to be beautiful, healthy and happy, and let it guide you to the mountainous climatic healing center of Divcibare. You will have the time of your life.

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