Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Album of Zdravko Colic

By:Bojana Jankovic

Belgrade, March 03., 2010 (Serbia Today)- Sebian pop legend Zdravko Colic in the past six months has recoreded a new album „When you look over the shoulder“ with 13 songs.
Producers and arrangers Voja Aralica and Nikola Bratos produced this album on the highest standards of newest music production.
The re-mastering and post-production are done in a studio ’Metropolis“ in London.
Colic is not only a singer of all thirteen songs, but also their composer. Songs „Lili“ and „Deceit“ carry some very lively melodies.
In a song „Marijaci“ Colic is singing a duet with Goran Bregovic. This is the first time during his forty –year old carreer that he is performing a duet.
With a joyous and catchy rythm of this disco-story „Manijaci“, Colic and Bregovic are showing that in spite of their long time presence on the music scene, their time is still coming.

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