Friday, March 19, 2010

Final preparation for “Eurovision”

Belgrade, March, 13. 2010 (Serbia Today) - After a few weeks of expectations, Serbia will tomorrow night choose their representatives for this year’s “Eurovision” . In the show “Tree and one for Oslo”, which begins in 9 PM at national television, three finalists– Emina Jahovic, Milan Stankovic and Oliver Katic will present their songs to viewers who will by SMS choose a winer.
Host of the night is Goran Bregovic, who is the composer of this year’s composition, and among others in the studio will be Zdravko Colic, Jelena Tomasevic, Marija Serifovic,Severina, group Regina and many others. In this show program viewers will see how it looked casting for performers in the house and heard Emina Jahovic, Milan Stankovic and Oliver Katic to sing Bregovic songs. Then will begin reviews of the program in which will perform Zdravko Colic, Marija Serifovic, Severina Vuckovic, Goran Bregovic. The reviews of the program will perform the previous participants of “Eurovision Song Contest”who in previous years represented Serbia in this contest : Jelena Tomasevic, Marija Serifovic and Marko Kon, then the great music star Zdravko Colic, Haris Dzinovic, Severina Vuckovic and group “Regina”.
All those performers will sing song by Goran Bregovic, so we will hear Severina’ s performing of “My heel” with wich she performed on Eurovision in 2006, and the current actual duet– track “Maniacs” by Zdravko Colic and Goran Bregovic.
Famous music stars will perform their songs accompanied by Bregovic ‘ s “Orchestra for weddings and funerals” . Besides music, in the show will be a documentary segments made in audition at Bregovic”s studio, which includes statements and performance of the invited performer, comments on collaboration with composer and a statement of the author.

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